Learn to SURVIVE! Are you interested in becoming safer and confident while learning real world survival skills? Dayton Krav Maga will be holding six week Krav Maga Survival Academies at different locations throughout the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. 

- Learn real world survival training in both indoor and outdoor realistic training environments.  
- Learn to use your body's natural instincts and movement as a defense. 
- Learn how to stop an attack before it even happens by using threat recognition techniques.
- Learn functional fitness that helps promote a healthy lifestyle.  


- Defense against weapons 
- Ground Survival 
- Combatives 
- Fear Management 
- Real Life Scenarios  ​​​

​More Krav Maga Survival Academies Coming Soon!

More Krav Maga Survival Academies Coming Soon!

More Krav Maga Survival Academies Coming Soon!

Krav Maga Survival Academies

        Learn to Survive!
Dayton - Cincinnati - Columbus