This seminar to FREE to all teachers. Please RSVP to DKM, so we can reserve a spot for you. 

Additional Information

An Active Shooter is defined as "an armed person who has used deadly force on other persons and continues to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims."

In this interactive, hands on scenario training, you will learn:

- Necessary mindset, knowledge and tactics to rapidly assess any situation and        stay live. 
- Close quarter defense and intervention tactics 
- How to SURVIVE under stress

Krav Maga is known world wide as the best self defense system. Don't be a victim SURVIVE the attack you hope never happens. 

Please Note 

Seminars purchases are non-refunded and must be used the date of the seminar.

Learn to SURVIVE! Are you interested in becoming safer and more confident while learning real world survival tactics? Dayton Krav Maga will be holding an Active Shooter Survival Seminar at the below location. During this seminar, you will learn the Israeli method of survival! 


- Learn modern survival tactics that are SUPERIOR in REAL WORLD situations 
​- Learn what it takes to SURVIVE a deadly encounter, both mentally and physically. 
- Learn to defend yourself against all types of holds, grabs, and chokes 

- Realistic training drills will help you fight through fear and prepare for REAL situations  
​- Learn to SURVIVE