Learn a modern defensive tactics system that will help you survive and protect your family! At Dayton Krav Maga we can help prepare you both mentally and physically for dangerous situations, while showing you how to survive against unarmed and armed attackers. Learn to Survive at Dayton Krav Maga! 

​Dayton Krav Maga is a personal protection and combatives consulting firm, specializing in Israeli survival training. We offer training through survival academies, classes, seminars, and private lessons to help give you a fighting chance to survive. The sole purpose of the Dayton Krav Maga is to provide you with practical and realistic survival training. We do all this by offering the most up to date Krav Maga training straight from Israel. Come join us and see first-hand why Dayton Krav Maga is your best chance for survival in a very dangerous world.

        Learn to Survive!
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