Dayton Krav Maga will be offering functional fitness and conditioning training starting in 2018. This will be the perfect total body workout to help you shred weight and obtain a superior level of fitness. You will learn some basic hand to hand combat strikes, Muay Thai Kickboxing, along with other boxing skills. Get ready to burn hundreds of calories, obtain a superior fitness of level, and learn to fight to survive! 

What will these lessons do for me? 

- Jumpstart you on a path to lose weight while building endurance and functional      fitness.
- Relief stress
- Boost energy and increase cardio stamina
- Teach you how to Fight to Survive   
- Build better focus and self confidence  

This training will be conducted through either 30 or 50 minute private training sessions 

30 Minute Private Workout Session 


50 Minute Private Workout Session


Functional Fitness and Conditioning