Krav Maga Training Class Infromation

 ​​Learn to SURVIVE! Are you interested in becoming safer and confident while learning real world survival tactics? Dayton Krav Maga will be holding Israeli Survival Training classes in both North and South Dayton locations. During these classes, you will learn the Israeli method of survival!

​​What will I learn in a class?

Dayton Krav Maga will teach you a variety of skills that will help you survive, if you find yourself in the worst possible situations.

Some of the skills learned include:

Situational Awareness
Punch Defenses
Choke Defenses
Wrist grabs
Weapons Defenses
Ground Survival
Fear Management

What is a typical training class like?

During your weekly one hour training session, you can expect to learn and practice several different skills to address multiple types of attack/ defense scenarios. Learning, practicing and integrating the learned skills until they become instinctual. Krav Maga places heavy emphasis on reality based training. This includes exhaustion and stress drills (fighting while tired), disorientation drills (e.g. fight while dizzy or with loud music playing), low light training, multiple attackers. Advanced training will also include sparring. Finally heavy emphasis is placed on aggressive reaction to being attacked and ending the fight before it even starts. While this may not be for everyone the idea is that the attacker will generally often be stronger than their victim and the safest thing to do is to use the element of surprise, resolve the situation as quickly as possible and get away. If attacked, a Krav Maga practitioner will address the danger (block a punch, loosen a choke, disarm a gun) and then immediately counter attack (hitting the attacker repeatedly or kicking them in the groin) and then scan the area for other attackers and then get to safety. There are no rules in Krav Maga.

Are there Belts or Ranks in Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is designed to prepare the student to survive real life threatening situations, so belts are not emphasized at Dayton Krav Maga. Dayton Krav Maga is an unconventional organization that focuses on what works, so we only teach techniques that have been proven to help you survive. DKM does not put importance on linage or ranks, but on practically.


        Learn to Survive!
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